Lessons begin here

Every day i realise that life lessons begin during our formative years of life.

Right now i am teaching children the importance of respecting the word ‘no’

It’s as if they thrive on not respecting their friends when they say no. As if it amuses them to see their friends in pain that they are causing. And then there is the time when they just flip and hate to see anyone in any pain whatsoever. They come running to you very concerned that so and so is sad or is crying or why are you looking upset, what is wrong with you Miss.

And they are so forgetful! Oh my word. That can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. I like to look at it as a good thing. At this age they decide to let the bad things roll unless they recur and to hold on to the good things.

Kids are teaching me so many life lessons.



Nap Time

A little anecdote

It’s nap time and of course there are always one or two who will not sleep.

So here i am, most of the kids asleep, one little girl wide awake watching me, Prince on low volume.

I am engrossed in my work when i hear giggles.

I look up to see little girl, dancing to Prince and loving it. She sees me and drops to the cot.

I am so …that is such an unexpected reaction that i giggle.

That is the good thing about music.

It transcends language, and when it hits you, you feel no pain. You just let it move you.


A New Day

I started a new job in a new country that speaks a language totally different from English.

They speak French. Wow. The language of love….and all that..

So i knew that the students i would get would be native speakers. Knowing it is totally different from experiencing it.

Lord! Talk about eye opening and jaw dropping. Not even flailing in the water just awe.

And the children too, looking at me confused and (bless their hearts) translating their little tongues out, me as well.

The first day we spoke knowing very well that the other doesn’t understand a word, but the messages got through. After all a smile, a tone of voice, the word “no” are universal and well understood lol. In time, i would pretend i knew what they were saying, they caught on but they let me be.

A month in, i am doing pretty well i would think. I know a few phrases and simple sentences.

Some instructions do get lost in translation but we are getting by. I demonstrate everything and so do they.

I get amazed all the time when they speak, at their level of comfort with a language i am obviously struggling with. I could watch these little people converse and play….it’s nothing new with children but a different experience when it happens in a language you are not familiar with.

If anyone has ever experienced this, please share your stories and tips.

God is amazing and i thank Him for this chance.




There are days and then there are DAYS!
I sometimes have to stop and ask myself: Do I really swear that much??
And then reassess my life choices😂
Working with kids has made me become creative with my swears, nothing to obvious like Fish, Flowers…
I say things like Ice cream, that always gets their attention and then they learn that I say that when I am particularly frustrated.
I only wonder what they tell their parents: Teacher says ‘ice cream’ when she’s upset.
One good thing is that I have found that my swearing has lessened considerably and that is a good thing.
Progress day is coming up and i dread to hear what the parents will say that the kids say about me at home *double cringe*
Oh well, it’s better than some four letter words I could be saying!


It’s a new term with new kids and new parents and new teachers.

Everything smells new. The toys. Puzzles. The job.

Inevitably there are those parents and kids who have a hard time separating from each other. However, they both get used to it and life moves on.

For those who have difficulties, it helps to seat them with a calm child who they latch onto and settles them.

For teachers, it is not always so easy. Some parents demand more than you can give and if you don’t have a supportive administration or colleagues, things can degenerate really fast.

The buddy system is important in all aspects of life. It has many names; mentors, legends, friend…

When i see that work with kids, i wonder why things have to be so difficult with adults.

I like to think that my job keeps me grounded and aware of how much better the world could be that it inadvertently keeps me human and almost innocent, just like the kids.

Student teacher

Lately, I have been struggling with a little boy, let’s call him Jay.  He doesn’t want to do any work. He plays with others well but just won’t do anything.
At first, bribing him with a merit star or a smiley face stamp would work, especially when he’d see his friends get them.
In time I gave them less and less. I mean they are supposed to do the work without the motivation/bribes.
I have talked with him, encouraged him, taken him to the next class to do his work but zero. I even sat with him, still zero.
Something had to change.
I took it old school, so to speak.
I would teach and I told him, he will not get a stamp or sticker till he did good work.
At first, he did something, but it wasn’t enough. The next day, he did nothing.
Now we are at a stalemate.
He knows what the conditions are, but he’s waiting me out.
Calling my bluff.
Haha, a child doesn’t know. I can play this game all day.

Same thing happens with life.
If you believe you know the right thing, you have to stick to your guns.
I am the teacher, but they are teaching me.