There are days and then there are DAYS!
I sometimes have to stop and ask myself: Do I really swear that much??
And then reassess my life choices😂
Working with kids has made me become creative with my swears, nothing to obvious like Fish, Flowers…
I say things like Ice cream, that always gets their attention and then they learn that I say that when I am particularly frustrated.
I only wonder what they tell their parents: Teacher says ‘ice cream’ when she’s upset.
One good thing is that I have found that my swearing has lessened considerably and that is a good thing.
Progress day is coming up and i dread to hear what the parents will say that the kids say about me at home *double cringe*
Oh well, it’s better than some four letter words I could be saying!


One thought on “Days..

  1. I, too, have found rather creative ways to swear in the classroom without really swearing. This past year I’ve grown quite attached to PICKLES!!! While some of my high school students have picked up on using random odd words to express frustration, I often wonder what is shared at the dinner tables at home.


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