A New Day

I started a new job in a new country that speaks a language totally different from English.

They speak French. Wow. The language of love….and all that..

So i knew that the students i would get would be native speakers. Knowing it is totally different from experiencing it.

Lord! Talk about eye opening and jaw dropping. Not even flailing in the water just awe.

And the children too, looking at me confused and (bless their hearts) translating their little tongues out, me as well.

The first day we spoke knowing very well that the other doesn’t understand a word, but the messages got through. After all a smile, a tone of voice, the word “no” are universal and well understood lol. In time, i would pretend i knew what they were saying, they caught on but they let me be.

A month in, i am doing pretty well i would think. I know a few phrases and simple sentences.

Some instructions do get lost in translation but we are getting by. I demonstrate everything and so do they.

I get amazed all the time when they speak, at their level of comfort with a language i am obviously struggling with. I could watch these little people converse and play….it’s nothing new with children but a different experience when it happens in a language you are not familiar with.

If anyone has ever experienced this, please share your stories and tips.

God is amazing and i thank Him for this chance.



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