Lessons begin here

Every day i realise that life lessons begin during our formative years of life.

Right now i am teaching children the importance of respecting the word ‘no’

It’s as if they thrive on not respecting their friends when they say no. As if it amuses them to see their friends in pain that they are causing. And then there is the time when they just flip and hate to see anyone in any pain whatsoever. They come running to you very concerned that so and so is sad or is crying or why are you looking upset, what is wrong with you Miss.

And they are so forgetful! Oh my word. That can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. I like to look at it as a good thing. At this age they decide to let the bad things roll unless they recur and to hold on to the good things.

Kids are teaching me so many life lessons.




Challenges are a part of life.
They become more difficult when you are dealing with people. Little people.

There have been a few challenges this week.
One of note has been of theft.
By a child.

Let us call her, M.
She’s been taking merit stars and blocks home. Luckily her mother brought them back to school. Now we have to watch her every move and check her bag at the end of the school day. This means that she may be unfairly blamed for anything goes missing and other learners won’t get equal attention.

It  is hard to deal with issue. Especially when it recurs. Thankfully her mother is on board thus making it easier to monitor her.
Talking about it in class and alone is another strategy.
I hope she sees her mistake and changes before bell breaks loose.